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As a student of the pedal steel guitar, I have created tools to help guide me around the fretboard and the guitars many changes.
I am happy to share the E9th and C6th Chord Charts I have developed with fellow players.

Please keep in mind:
- These are created and designed as beginner reference materials.
- They are intended only as a tool - one of many in your pedal steel guitar toolkit.

Disclaimer: These charts are created for use at a beginner level.
They do not illustrate every possible option, chord, chord type or combination.
They are in no way intended to be presented as an instructor level teaching method.
I've reviewed the charts many times as a beginner, but a more seasoned player may pick up on an error or two.

In the past, players have asked if they could contribute to my efforts. As always the chart files are free to download.
However, if you would like to show your appreciation with a contribution there is a link to my paypal site on the download page.
Contributions are appreciated, but not expected or required.

downloadClick here to download the chart files. I hope you find them useful.

Thank you for visiting! I appreciate your feedback.



© Patricia Warnock